10% budget increase with the aim of removing the dust of deprivation from the face of Miami

10% budget increase with the aim of removing the dust of deprivation from the face of Miami

ISNA / Semnan The governor of Semnan announced a 10% increase in the budget of the city of Miami with the aim of removing the dust of underdevelopment and deprivation of the face of the city of Miami and said: Miami is the only city in the province that is among the least developed cities in the country.

Alireza Ashnagar, December 20, 2016, in a video conference session to review the status of the process of actions regarding Miami city as one of the less developed cities, stating that the description of the duties of the executive bodies in the form of Miami city development document should be determined and specified: Executives should have a holistic view of Miami city development.
Emphasizing that the allocation of 100% credit for the city of Miami can be considered as an effective incentive to achieve the goals of the development document, he said: development incentive institutions and services such as the Barakat Foundation, Imam Khomeini Executive Headquarters, Idro and Imidro can be effective in discussing the advancement of the goals set for the city, and the governorate needs to review the dimensions of the document along with the actions taken and future, and provide a comprehensive report with pathology.
The governor of Semnan, emphasizing that the development document of Miami city is not decorative, pointed out: the executive bodies should make serious efforts to achieve the development goals of the city in order to serve the honorable people of the city and report on the process taken.
He continued: “We must try to serve in the best possible way in any of our current responsibilities and take steps towards the development and prosperity of the city, ward and villages of Miami.”
Ashnagar, stating that our managers should not look for political issues, added: “If there is a political observation in the field of executive affairs, there is no doubt that violators will be dealt with seriously.”

The senior executive official stated: Managers should not fail to serve the people until the last day of the government and, as the executive director, should take steps in line with their role in realizing the executive process.
He announced a 10 percent increase in the budget of the city of Miami with the aim of helping the development of the city and said: “According to the reports, reducing the budget of the city is unacceptable and to achieve the goals done during the scheduled action plan using capacity.” The private sector needs to strengthen the city’s credits and prioritize projects above 60% physical progress.
Ashnagar also said: strengthening the major projects in the city, strengthening the headquarters to facilitate and eliminate production barriers in the city and using the capacity of the private sector and investors to achieve the goals of the Miami Development Document should be considered and the executive agencies should take special action in Put this path on the agenda.
The Governor of Semnan stressed the need to pay attention to the culture, education and planning sector to make maximum use of tourism capacity, handicrafts, geographical and historical location of the city of Miami in order to attract tourists and increase the stay of travelers in the form of attention to ecotourism resorts. : Strengthening the organization and assistance in discussing the divisions of the country in the city of Miami as one of the less developed cities in the country and accelerating the operation of Kalposh Industrial Park are other measures that can be effective in the development of the city of Miami.

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