10 countries whose women’s beauty is famous

It is true that beauty is not just about the face and it is what you look at! However, facial beauty is also one of the issues that many people pay attention to. Below we have prepared a list of 10 countries whose women are famous for their beauty. Of course, first of all, it should be noted that this article has been compiled by English language sources!

10- Philippines

The people of the Philippines are famous for their good morals and behavior, and there is a certain sweetness in their behavior. But it is interesting to know that the women of this country have the record of the most victories in the four world competitions of the beauty queen that are held annually.

9. Britain

Today, British women are a mix of different cultures and races, with all skin tones and faces. They are usually educated, polite and beautiful.

8. USA / Canada

You usually have fun with Americans, they are generally independent and know how to take care of themselves. If you walk the streets of Miami, New York or Los Angeles, you will probably meet beautiful women who take good care of themselves due to the technological and scientific progress of this country. Canadians also have a lot in common with the American people and are on this list together.

7. The Netherlands

Dutch women with an average height of 170 cm and blonde hair are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful people in the world and are ranked seventh in our list.


When it comes to beauty and class, we can not ignore the Italian women who are up to date and follow the latest fashion, makeup and clothing. They usually have brown eyes and are very careful about their behavior.

5. Venezuela

The women of this country with slender and slender bodies are always among the main winners of beauty contests in the world, and in most of these contests, they occupy high ranks.

4. Russia

Russian women, who are a combination of the appearance of people in the East and West of the world, generally have prominent cheeks, blonde hair and long, elongated bodies.

3. Ukraine

Although the people of Ukraine and Russia have much in common and many similarities, it seems that the women of this country as a whole are more beautiful than their eastern neighbor.

2. Brazil

Brazilian women are known for their keen interest in socializing and performing their customs, and are often the core of popular festivals in the country. Many people believe that Brazil is the most beautiful woman in the world.


In this list, Turkey ranks first. They are very well-photographed and walk with such dignity that they seem to belong to the families of the former Ottoman kings and queens. If you doubt the beauty of these people, we suggest you watch some Turkish movies and TV series

Source: Moist