10% facility is paid to raisin factories and exporters

According to IBNA, quoting the public relations and international cooperation of Keshavarzi Bank, Khodarahmi stated in this press conference that was held in the presence of Engineer Tahmasebi, CEO of the Rural Cooperative Organization and members of the media: A new credit with a rate of 10% has been considered, which will be paid to the exporters of raisins and factories that want to buy raisins from gardeners in the form of working capital facilities, with the agency of Keshavarzi Bank and according to the provincial working group.

He added: “The previous line of credit, which is a combination of resources of the National Development Fund and the bank’s internal resources, still remains strong at a rate of 14.5 percent to support the export of all agricultural products, including raisins.”

Khodarahmi continued his remarks: These facilities are paid with the aim of supporting production, timely purchase at the approved rate and export of raisins, and the amount of payment facilities to each applicant with export documents, previous operations volume, factory capacity, operational records, records Customs, etc. has a direct relationship and is finally approved by the provincial working groups and chambers of commerce of the provinces.