10 important news for today’s stock market / latest signals before the start of today’s market

According to Tejarat News, at the end of yesterday’s stock market trading, the overall stock index, after a few negative days, finally took a positive trend and was finally able to record a growth of 1.3 percent. Will this positive trend continue in the future? The latest news that may affect stock market trends today are:

Yesterday, with the vote of the majority of the members of the Joint Commission, the voting on the general budget bill for 1400 was postponed.

President Hassan Rouhani said: “People should be sure that the health of the people will be the most important and main issue for the government and all officials.” In the last months of the twelfth government, the issues that are important to us are the health of the people, the breaking of sanctions is the second issue, and the livelihood of the people is the third issue, and we will pursue all three issues and cooperate and coordinate fully with the other two powers.

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly explained and emphasized the work priorities of the three forces next year: The issue of lifting the sanctions with the focus on neutralizing the sanctions is on the agenda. The parliament is also trying to coordinate with the government to set a budget that is not inflationary and whose priority is the livelihood of the people, caring for the deprived and paying serious attention to the production sector.

Sharif Nezam Mafi, head of the Iran-Switzerland Joint Chamber of Commerce, has said that the Donald Trump administration has authorized Iran to use its blocked funds abroad to purchase the Corona vaccine. (ScanNews)

Referring to the necessary provisions for storing Eid fruit on the eve of Eid night, Minister Samat asked the monitoring agencies to intelligently control warehouses and bankers and put their actions in this area to inform the public and create a positive impact on the media market. کردن.

– President Hassan Rouhani notified the relevant agencies of the law amending the articles of the law on direct taxes (repeated Article 54) regarding the tax on vacant houses.

– The inspector of the board of directors of the Tehran Gold Union has said: the price of gold depends on the price of the world dollar and ounce, if the atmosphere of the foreign exchange market is calm tomorrow, the price of gold will remain stable. Sellers also welcome the stability of gold prices.

– The first injection of corona vaccine in Iran will be done tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Many hope that with this injection, a new era of post-corona days will begin.

Dariush Esmaili, Deputy Minister of Silence, in a meeting with Minister of Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran, said: “The method of offering steel products on the stock exchange has been presented with the consent of the private sector, associations and organizations.”

Mohammad Baqer Nobakht, the head of the Program and Budget Organization, said: “It is not art to say that we have a budget deficit, but it is art to run the country with the same deficits.”

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