10 million people watched the AFC Champions League final online / set a new record

Satra published a report on the number of spectators in the final match of the Asian Champions League between Persepolis and Ulsan.

According to ILNA, the final match of the Asian Champions League, which was held on December 20, is considered a turning point in terms of media consumption in the country due to the way people are welcomed to watch football. Comprehensive audio and video media, accompanied by national media, were able to cover the needs of different audiences with different media consumption patterns. But there were also challenges.

On the one hand, the AFC cooperated with the sanctions against the Iranian nation and made an unprecedented reference to the US domestic sanctions (OFAC) for not providing a signal to the country’s media, which was done with the aim of cutting off normal access to broadcast images. Scheduled in the middle of the day, the forecast created a different experience for the broadcaster and the pervasive audio and video media. These conditions led to the formation of an alliance based on national interests to meet the needs of football-friendly users and audiences.

An important issue was the capacity of the universal audio and video media to broadcast football matches simultaneously on the Internet and the national information network. Accordingly, these media outlets prepared all their facilities and capacities by noon on Saturday, and on the other hand, the Radio and Television Organization, which in the previous match of our country’s representative in the Asian Champions League, had given its signal to the all-inclusive audio and video media. , In this sensitive meeting, also provided its signal for the use of cyberspace users in surround audio and video media.

The statistics compiled by the Audio-Visual Media Regulatory Authority show that new records have been set in the use of these media, which are discussed in the following sections.

Media participating in football broadcasting

17 audio and video media outlets covered the contest on 29 channels on this day, which are mentioned below.

1. Telobion 2. تیوا ۳. Aparat 4. Ivo 5. Lens 6. Rubika 7. Antenna 8. فام ۹. Soroush Plus 10. Theater 11. TV 12. Daily Football 13. Sofa 14. Football 15. IGap 16. The gift of the golden way 17. Sepehr

Set a new record in providing services to users

Satra statistics show that 10 million and 400 thousand unique users watched the game through audio and video media. On the other hand, the maximum number of simultaneous views in these media reached 2 million and 450 thousand.


The cooperation formed between the national media and the all-inclusive audio and video media was recorded on December 20, as a different experience in covering national events. This experience demonstrated the importance of universal audio and video media as complementary media to national media in meeting the emerging needs of users.

Although some sought to create a false dipole between the all-inclusive audio and video media and the national media, the cooperation of the domestic media on this day was a golden point in the country’s media sphere. However, the non-completion of the national information network and the gaps that still exist in this area, during the game broadcast, led to problems in the quality of images received by users, which we hope this experience will lead to corrections and completion of measures in this area.

The performance of this day can be considered as a basis for decisions and a model in creating similar events by the country’s media in protecting the borders of the media of the Islamic Republic.