110,000 Isfahani citizens are Armenians / Crohn’s restrictions to welcome Christmas in Isfahan

110,000 Isfahani citizens are Armenians / Crohn's restrictions to welcome Christmas in Isfahan

The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan said: “110,000 citizens of Isfahan are Armenians and we are proud of this issue and in terms of urban management there is no difference in service among citizens.”

According to ILNA from Isfahan, Hossein Amiri in a meeting with the Armenian Archbishop of Isfahan, referring to the imminence of the birth of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the New Year, congratulated these holidays and added: “We believe that the relationship between religions, especially Muslims and Armenians is rooted in It has both cultures and we consider the Armenian loved ones as responsible citizens, and the participation and cooperation of the Armenian and Christian loved ones will definitely be very effective in the development of the city.

He referred to the association of Armenians and Muslims in Isfahan and continued: “110,000 citizens of Isfahan are Armenians and we are proud of this issue and there is no difference in service between citizens in terms of urban management.”

Isfahan Municipality Deputy Mayor continued: “The city administration tries to provide the services it provides in the city to all dear citizens and compatriots of the same religion and belief, and we are very happy that we can provide their satisfaction in serving the citizens.” do.

He pointed to the spread of coronavirus and continued: “Considering the outbreak of coronary heart disease and the problems caused by this disease and also the death of a number of compatriots, we are very affected and we hope that by the grace of God this disease will be eradicated as soon as possible.” Happiness in the city with Shim.

Amiri pointed out: “As Christmas approaches, we are very interested in developing the decoration and lighting space of the dear Armenian residence as in previous years;” Although, unfortunately, we are facing obstacles this year due to Corona restrictions, we wish it a good year for all our compatriots, especially dear Christians.

The Armenian Archbishop of Isfahan and southern Iran, referring to the presence of the Deputy Mayor for Urban Services and a group of city managers, said: “Welcoming our brothers at home is very valuable to us and this action is a sign of love, friendship and cooperation for us.”

Sipan Kashchian pointed to the performance of Isfahan Municipality in various fields and said: “Two valuable services of Isfahan Municipality are always considered and show themselves; One of them is the beauty of the city and the very good green space and its maintenance, and the other is the very beautiful and pleasant management of the managers, which makes the city very beautiful and attractive due to the correct and principled management.

He continued: “The truth is that Armenians living in Isfahan, during hundreds of years of living with the citizens of Isfahan, have never felt like a minority, and this is due to the love of cooperation and intimacy of various political and military organs, including the municipality of Isfahan.” they had.

The Armenian Archbishop of Isfahan continued: “We see that whenever the time of various Christian celebrations, including the celebrations of the Nativity and the New Year, as well as our other religious holidays, the Municipality of Isfahan pays special attention to this area and takes care of it.” It beautifies it, which in addition to the beauty of the area, increases our happiness.

Kashchian thanked the decorations of the Armenian neighborhoods of Isfahan, especially Jolfa during Christmas, and said: “I hope that the friendship, cooperation and brotherhood that has been established over the years will deepen and flourish in the coming years.”