14 wearables that are essential for men

when Gentlemen They decide to wear the best menswear, they do not know exactly what kind of clothes to buy and often a lot of useless and inappropriate clothes are left on their hands. Try to always consider quality over quantity when buying clothes, with a few functional clothes and with Quality You can safely style your every day for a while, but buying poor quality clothes always puts you in the worry of another purchase and without realizing it, you have spent more in total. We all know that dressing in autumn and winter is the principle. And it has its own customs. Truly the most essential winter clothes Gentlemen Which one allows you to create a variety of sets? In this article, great suggestions for choosing winter clothes for Gentlemen We have fashion. These are a combination of clothes that you should buy or look for in your wardrobe.

Black jeans

A pair of black jeans may seem worthless on its own, but when worn with a shirt and tie, it becomes a formal, chic outfit. It also makes the color of the clothes with your jeans more visible. Black jeans may be dark in color, but that does not mean that the clothes that go with the pants should be as dark as that. In addition, linen pants are a good option for the cold seasons.

Leather coat

Leather jacket is one of the most diverse and widely used types of winter clothing that most men have at least one of them in their wardrobe. There are many different ways to create a style with a leather jacket. When the temperature is low, you can wear a leather jacket with a hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) and a collar blouse, or if you want a more informal style, you can wear a T-shirt under the jacket. This way you will have a classic and special style. One of the most reputable leather brands in Iran is Schiffer brand, which is active in the production of various types of clothing, bags and shoes for women or men, whose products are of very high quality. Click to view and buy leather products from Schiffer brand online.


Rain for men brings a classic style and is very suitable for rainy and cold days of the year. Raincoats are usually neutral and dark colors, so they can be easily set with different clothes.


Buying winter ankle boots is another essential of a men’s winter shopping checklist. It is better to have a fluffy or woolly shape inside the boot to keep the feet warm. In addition, the dark color can give you a choice of comfortable and stylish winter ankle boots. If you do not wear a lot of ankle boots, a pair of formal shoes, suede or leather can be a better alternative for you.

Long rain

The design of this long coat model has military roots, its use is not limited to a specific season, and of course it is a wonderful and special raincoat for the autumn and winter seasons. A long raincoat, casual and casual گاهی and sometimes with a very formal suit ابل can be worn and gives your style combination elegance and charm.

Orcs and tops

The most important men’s winter clothing is orkut or top coat. Most of the time, these two models are confused with each other, and some have even been seen to be used interchangeably. Top coats are relatively cooler models that are not suitable for very cold seasons. Since they are slightly thinner than orcs, they are suitable for wearing in autumn and spring. But orkut should be worn on a suit or jacket and is suitable for winter seasons. The orkut you choose should be wool first because it is warmer and second it should be below your knee. You can visit online stores to choose autumn coats, jackets or men’s jackets at various prices.

Striped scarf

Scarves with horizontal stripes are very stylish and suitable in colors such as yellow and blue. This ordinary long neck scarf gives you a good feeling of warmth and because of its height, you can wrap it around your neck in different styles and with different clothes.


You can use a suit that is more in line with winter. As a result, it is better to go for a suit that has a slightly thicker fabric or is made of wool and linen. Wearing dark and thick suits will give your style a more wintery feel and keep you warmer.

Wool coat ‌ way or checkered

Another empty roll in your closet should be dedicated to a wool coat. This fabric model has prominent chin textures that are designed in the form of stripes or faded squares. The most important thing about this style of men’s coat is that no matter how old you are, at any age, wearing such a coat, along with other suitable combinations, will bring you an attractive and stylish look.

Knitted sweater

A seven-collar texture, in addition to being more useful and important for you in terms of heating in winter, will make your style different and special by adding a layer of combinations. When choosing a texture, make sure the ones you are considering are non-abrasive. Our color offer for a jacket or blouse is a texture of dark and neutral colors that you can easily set it with a variety of colors and styles.

Accessories (gloves, scarf, hat)

A good hat should not only shape your face but also keep your head warm. Note that those who do not wear hats lose a lot of body heat. So it is necessary to use it. It does not matter if the hat you choose must fit your ears or not, your first priority should be to keep your ears and head warm. Click here to choose a hat based on the face shape.

Leather gloves are better for formal types. Also, its color should match your orkut and your shoes. The lining of the gloves is also important because it increases the amount of heat transferred to your hand. Kashmir is the best material for upholstery.

In addition to warming you up, scarves are the best way to color and glaze your style. For more efficiency, be sure to place the scarf under your orkut and match its color with the color of your shirt.

Warm underwear

For winter and cold days of the year, be sure to have a pair of warm drawers in your closet as a precaution. A warm and tight underwear is very necessary and practical for cold days of the year and keeping your feet warm.


You can wear a dark black or gray vest with any suit you like. When you wear your vest on your shirt or under your formal coat, you will find that the vest not only makes you warmer but also makes you look more stylish and stylish.

Hooded jacket

Having a hooded jacket is a winter necessity for men. To have a stylish and of course practical men’s winter style, prepare a jacket with a fur hat for winter to keep you warm.

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