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Nasrin Moghanloo Born on July 1, 1347 in Tehran. Nasrin Moghanloo began her acting career with the film Omid in the cinema and received more attention by acting in the film Hamsar. Nasrin Moghanloo spent several years abroad after starring in the unforgivable film. He then returned to Iran and continued acting in cinema and television.


Playing in the movie Guest Mom introduced him as a capable actor.

In an interview, Nasrin Moghanloo spoke about her personal and artistic life, part of which you can read below

I was fully acquainted with the art world through my father in music and my mother in theater, so I started working in theater and drama as a child and teenager, but when I decided to start my career in cinema. I started with the movie “Two Half Apples” by Kianoosh Ayari.

I remember we went to a restaurant with my mother to play in this movie, and my first appearance in the cinema was with Mr. Ayari. The next day, Mr. Ayari told “Rasoul Sadr Ameli” that he would introduce a new girl who was the one you were looking for in your film; Therefore, my second experience was playing in the movie “Ghorbani”, and immediately after that, Mr. “Turaj Mansouri” invited me to play in “Bazicheh”, and then I played a role in “Omid” by Mr. Habib Kavosh.

Mr. Dastgerdi and Mr. Pakdel invited me to play in the TV series “Smile of Life” with the presence of my dear veteran Ms. Soraya Ghasemi, whose first appearance on TV happened to me. Immediately after the end of “Smile of Life”, the movie “The Last Document” was offered, which was released when “Omid” and “Bazicheh” were also banned, and I had 3 movies on the screen at the same time.