18 car pricing formula changed + list of included cars

According to Tejarat News, Reza Shiva, noting that the National Competition Center has re-examined the car pricing formula since October, said that during the decisions taken, there will be no liberalization and only cars will be divided, based on the price of some cars. Circulation is calculated according to the previous formula in a way that is beneficial to the general public.

He said: “A new formula has been predicted for some of the cars, during which the inflation of the part that was involved in the previous formula will no longer be included in the new formula, and the price will be calculated based on the average market price.”

The head of the Competition Council stressed that the main point of the new formula is that during the agreement, the carmakers will increase production capacity by 50%, and this can reduce production costs.

He also announced the new priced cars and said that Peugeot Pars Automatic, Peugeot 206 Automatic, 207 Panorama, Samand Sun Plus, Rana Plus, Rana Plus Turbo, Haima Turbo s5 manual, Haima Turbo s7 automatic, k131, Saina s Quick, Shahin, Aria Berlians, Changan and Zute are included in the new formula.

Referring to previous pre-sales, Shiva said: “Pre-sales that will be calculated based on the previous formula until today (January 29), when the price change of the formula will be announced.”

Source: ISNA

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