18-year-old Parisa committed a horrific murder after running away from home!

The mystery of this criminal case became more complicated with the contradictory statements and claims of an 18-year-old girl who killed the driver of a white Peugeot Pars in one of the streets of Mashhad.

18-year-old Parisa committed a horrific murder after running away from home!

Last Thursday night, passers-by and residents of Mofteh Sharghi Street saw the blood-soaked body of a young man lying on the asphalt next to a white Peugeot Pars car, and a frightened girl trying to escape.

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Meanwhile, the citizens called the rescue forces and prevented the girl from escaping. Minutes later, the emergency services arrived and transported the bloody body of the 35-year-old driver to the hospital, while the girl was also handed over to the police.

Less than an hour after this tragic incident, the news of the death of the driver of Peugeot Pars was reported to the police forces, and thus another criminal riddle was brought before the special judge for premeditated murder. Due to the importance of the issue, Judge Ahmadinejad went to the hospital with an experienced group of detectives from the Criminal Department and crime scene investigators to investigate the matter.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the 35-year-old driver had died from complications from a stab wound to the left side of his chest, but the effect of a tooth bite was also visible on his hand.
After conducting preliminary investigations in the hospital, the scope of field investigations led to the crime scene on Shahid Mofteh Sharghi Street. .

The girl, who first introduced herself under the false identity of “Maliha”, said with a strange claim: “I was standing on the side of the street when the driver of the Peugeot Pars stopped next to me. I also said the route and got on, but we had not traveled far yet.” Gave me immoral. When I was pregnant, I was upset by this offer and there was a conflict between us. At the same time, the driver of the Peugeot Pars pulled out a knife, which I struck with my elbow and the knife went into his chest, but when I tried to escape out of fear, I was arrested by passers-by at the scene.
Due to the strange and unbelievable statements of an 18-year-old girl who did not agree with the judicial authorities’ investigations into the crime scene, the girl accused of murder was handed over to the detectives of the Criminal Intelligence Department by order of Judge Ahmadinejad so that interrogations could continue in a specialized manner. .

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Meanwhile, a special team of detectives led by Colonel Najafi (head of the Premeditated Murder Unit) launched an extensive investigation into the young girl’s allegations, which eventually revealed that her real name was “Parisa-R” and she had twice run away from home. And also claims her pregnancy is false.

Thus, the accused in the murder, seeing the undeniable evidence and reasons, narrated the story of this horrible crime in a different way. He, who is also addicted to industrial narcotics, told the solitary captain (case officer) during special interrogations: “When I was riding in the car of a young driver (a citizen of a neighboring country), at his immoral suggestion, I was about to get out of the car when a fight broke out between us.” And I, who was resisting, took a knife out of my bag and hit him in the chest, and by biting his hand, I wanted to escape, but people took me and handed me over to the police.

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The girl’s contradictory allegations come as a knife-wielding extortion hypothesis has been raised, and detectives are continuing to investigate with special orders and instructions from Judge Ahmadinejad.

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