20% discount on Snapbox to support businesses

According to Borna, home businesses, small businesses or organizations can enjoy a special discount of up to 20% on Snapbox without any restrictions. Therefore, all businesses nominated by the Vice President for Science and Technology can submit their packages without paying the Snapbox Commission. According to SNAP Public Relations, a memorandum of understanding was signed today between SNAPbox and the Advanced Space Technology and Transportation Development Headquarters.

Snape helps other businesses

At the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between Snapbox and the Advanced Space Technology and Transportation Development Headquarters, Kasra Sadeghizadeh, CEO of Snapbox, pointed out the damage caused by Corona and said: Let’s go back to the market quickly and focus on the areas that the country needed. “Early in the corona, we lost about 70 percent of Snap’s two million daily trips, but now we are back to pre-corona.”

According to the CEO of Snapbox, the corona crisis had many lessons for Snap that even small businesses can use and manage many of their current expenses. “It is the duty of a large company like SNAP to support small businesses, and that is why we joined the campaign to support businesses,” Sadeghizadeh said.

“Snap is looking for a competitive and dynamic environment in the country, and we support other businesses according to this policy,” said the CEO of Snapbox, citing the example that we are all sitting on the same boat and that everyone is harmed.

The importance of leading companies

Manouchehr Manteghi, secretary of the Space Technology and Advanced Transportation Development Headquarters, also noted the importance of companies such as SNAP, saying: “SNAP can provide models in the intelligence debate that we can replicate in the country. “One of our collaborations could be to use Snap’s experience to be smart in areas that the country desperately needs.”

“We want companies like SNAP to grow, but one of the disadvantages of growing is that their risks increase,” Manteghi added. These risks can be reduced in two ways: One is for these companies to provide space for other groups. “That is what Snap is doing, and another issue is the transfer of scientific and technological experience and its development, which we will work on as well.”

Snap, a leader in smart transportation

“Transportation is one of the most important industries in the science and technology department, and for us, SNAP is one of the successful examples of transportation intelligence, because it has been able to reach a position with technological tools,” said Seyed Jalal Mousavi, Executive Deputy Chief of Staff. Serve more than 30 million users. “It would be great if we could provide this capacity to knowledge-based companies so that they can cover part of their transportation costs.”

Following the meeting, Shahab Khodamradi, in charge of the intelligence department of the headquarters, presented significant statistics from the SNAP collection. According to him, the SNAP complex has been operating since 1993 and has 1,500 full-time employees. Snapbox has been operating under Snap for about 3 years, offering three types of services, including motor courier for passenger transportation, box for cargo transportation and pickup for light and heavy cargo.

Snap has two million daily trips, and Snapbike and Snapbox have more than 411,000 weekly trips. 144 thousand motor fleets and 23 thousand light and heavy vans are also in the service of this complex.

According to statistics provided by Khodamradi, SNAP is active in 171 cities in the country, which shows that it is active in almost the entire country. The Snapbox collection also operates in 12 metropolitan areas of the country. At the end of his speech, the head of the intelligence department of the headquarters said: “Considering these statistics and the fact that SNAP is one of the examples of intelligent transportation in the country, today we will conclude a memorandum to support and strengthen the intelligent transportation ecosystem.” The Memorandum of Understanding is for three months and can be extended depending on the corona. “We have already identified more than 140 startups that will definitely be supported during this period.”

He also added that the condition for using this code is only for businesses that register an average of at least two Snapbox orders per day.