2200 people with coronary artery are hospitalized in Tehran

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Mehr, Alireza Zali on the evening of visiting the medical centers of Varamin city told reporters about the latest situation of Corona in Tehran province: According to the latest statistics provided by Corona, currently 2,200 patients are hospitalized in We have the whole province of Tehran.

Noting that 800 patients are currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit, Zali said: “The daily number of new coronary patients admitted in Tehran province fluctuates between 300 and 320, and about 80 to 90 people are admitted to the intensive care unit at the beginning.”

The commander of the Corona headquarters in Tehran stated: Tehran province is mainly yellow in terms of classification, but since the last two days, the cities of Firoozkooh and Damavand have turned into orange cities, perhaps due to the volume of crowds.

He said: “The important difference in Tehran with other cities is that in the capital, due to the Nowruz holiday, part of the traffic and congestion in the city will decrease and usually from the third week, the situation will be different from all provinces. We hope to follow the health procedures We do not see an increase in the number of patients and in this regard, we ask all people to continue to follow health protocols.