22,000 students in Hormozgan are denied access to virtual education – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, Fereydoun Hemmati, in a meeting of the Education Council of Hormozgan province on Tuesday night, referring to the study of the education of students in the province through virtual methods, said: About 22,000 students in different areas of Hormozgan are deprived of access to virtual education are.

He added: “These students are divided into two groups, one of which is students who have access to the Internet in their area of ​​residence, but these students do not have a smartphone and tablet, and the other group of students who have access to their area of ​​residence.” There is no internet.

The governor of Hormozgan added: 12 thousand and 500 of these students in Hormozgan province live in areas with internet access but do not have smartphones and tablets.

Hemmati stated: A public effort has been started to attract the participation of people, donors and economic enterprises of Hormozgan province to provide tablets and smartphones for these students.

He said: “To do this great work, we need the participation of the social body of the people, and many families can even participate in this work as much as buying or providing a part of the amount of a tablet device.”

The governor of Hormozgan pointed out: “As our dear people have had a good participation in the project of faithful assistance for the livelihood of the needy, they can also participate in a very important matter of helping to provide smartphones and tablets for educating students to respond quickly.” We need to.

Hemmati stated: Even families who have an extra smartphone or tablet at home, can participate in this important matter by delivering it to Hormozgan education.

He added: The development of Internet access in different areas of Hormozgan province is also being pursued by the provincial management and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and very good work has been done in this field to see an increase in Internet access in different areas of Hormozgan.

The governor of Hormozgan reminded: the honorable people of Hormozgan can meet the needs of the students of the province for tablets and smartphones by creating a large and lasting social movement, and we ask the people to participate in this work as much as possible.