25% increase in Iran-Khodro production next year

Farshad Moghimi, at the unveiling ceremony of the comprehensive automotive services platform “Baspar” said: “Production leap in Iran-Khodro is not only in the field of production and we have taken effective measures in the field of after-sales service.”

He considered the design of a comprehensive car service platform as an important step in keeping pace with global changes and said: “By exploiting this platform, we will move towards increasing electronic services and creating a change in after-sales services.”

Moghimi considered the provision of transparent, fast and easy services as one of the design goals of this platform and said: “With the proper interaction we have with insurance companies, we have predicted a clear vision for the development of services through this application;” This platform is not limited to any brand and the car can use this infrastructure with any name and address.

The CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group said: “In addition to the passenger transfer service, which is a concern of many people, on-site service is also one of the services of this platform.”

Emphasizing that our goal is to increase customer satisfaction, Moghimi said: “With the numerous improvement plans we have implemented in the field of after-sales service, the number of complaints has decreased by 50% in 1999 compared to last year, but our goal is not just to reduce complaints.” , But by defining and implementing improvement programs, we seek to increase customer satisfaction with the product and service.

He added: “All agencies can participate in this platform and provide services; Using this platform, good marketing can be done to provide services.