33 special programs will be broadcast from the provincial centers of Sima during the delivery hours of the year

Simultaneously with the last hours of the year 99 and the beginning of the year 1400, various television programs are broadcast on the provincial centers. Accordingly, in the provincial centers and for the moment of delivery year and Nowruz 1400, in addition to routine programs produced on the occasion of the New Year and Nowruz. And will be broadcast, 33 special programs of the delivery year for 9500 minutes and 505 special programs for 27102 minutes will also be broadcast.

In addition, video communication with holy shrines in the centers of Mashhad, Qom and Shiraz in the hours leading up to the delivery of the year from 10 am to 2 pm and numerous and exclusive connections with provincial, national and yours networks in the form of a special delivery program of the year is on the agenda.

Eidaneh, Spring Song, Spring in Spring, Nowruz Goli, Nowruz 1400, Golestaneh Nowruz, New Year, New Conditions, Yaz Nafsi, Bayram Ganjeh Lori, Ink Bahar, One by One Spring of Souls, Moment of Delivery, Ivan Spring, 1400 Bahar, Nowruz, Chelchela , The Footsteps of Spring and the Moment of Beginning are some of the titles of these programs.

In particular, the Nowruz programs of the Center TV, which are mostly broadcast live, are attended by numerous guests, including entrepreneurs, knowledge-based industry activists, artists, athletes, experts, charities and health defenders, and the families of martyrs defending safety and health.

Among the parts of these TV programs can be shows, reports, humor, introduction of the province’s attractions, recommendations for coping and prevention of corona, introduction of customs of people in different parts of Iran on Nowruz with the focus on promoting simplicity and avoiding luxury, weather reports, road conditions, Talking to the traffic police and emergency officials and the Corona headquarters, he pointed out that due to the prevalence of Corona and the need to avoid traveling and promote the slogan “Stay at home”, in most programs, sections with emphasis on this issue and explaining the need to do Visits are included virtually.

Source: Young Journalists Club