4-day opportunity to participate in the raffle of the National Bank of Iran Hep Festival awards

According to IBNA, quoting the public relations of Bank Melli Iran, the valuable prizes of this festival include a grant to purchase four PS4 game consoles, each worth 100 million Rials, a grant to purchase 4 mobile phones, each worth 60 million Rials, and a grant. The cost of purchasing 2 smart watches, each worth 10 million Rials, will be awarded by lottery to teenagers who, during the festival, submit the Hep app through the Bank Melli Iran website, Bazaar stores, Miket and Charkhooneh, or send number 2. Download and install 1000055566.

Hep application is the latest product of Bank Melli Iran Buds Center and an educational-entertainment application that has been provided to users according to the need of adolescents to learn economic knowledge and with the aim of fostering their financial intelligence. The School of Artificial Intelligence, the School of Business, the School of Citizenship, the School of Counseling and Academic Guidance, the Police Assistant, the Digital Library, Games and Animation, etc., offer a variety of useful content.

It should be noted that after the end of this festival, Bank Melli Iran Buds Center has other festivals on its agenda for active users of the Hep application.