40 Tomans reduction in the price of the dollar in bank exchange offices

According to the Baaqtesad news website, the selling rate of the dollar in the bank exchange offices was announced today (Tuesday) at 25,700 Tomans. The selling price of Euro also increased by 260 Tomans compared to the closing prices of the previous working day and reached 31 thousand and 460 Tomans.

Today, the purchase price of each dollar was 24,700 Tomans and the purchase price of each Euro was announced as 30,460 Tomans. Also, the purchase price of the dollar in the foreign exchange market was 25,300 Tomans and its selling price was 25,553 Tomans.

In addition, the buying rate of Euro in this market was 30,600 Tomans and its selling rate was 30,906 Tomans.

According to this report, in the Senate system on the last trading day (Monday), each euro was sold at an average price of 30,715 tomans and each dollar was traded at 25,205 tomans.

Meanwhile, in the Nima system, the euro remittance was sold at an average price of 31,609 tomans yesterday, and the dollar remittance was registered at a price of 25,596 tomans.

The dollar has been declining in recent days. In early November, the dollar exchange rate had an upward trend and reached more than 30,000 tomans, but from the middle of October, it began to decline.

Source: IRNA