440 billion agricultural bank support for the large export tomato production project on the roof of East Azerbaijan

According to Shaman News, quoting the public relations and international cooperation of Keshavarzi Bank, the production plan of vegetable and summer products by Nazarzadeh brothers and with the support of 440 billion Rials of Keshavarzi Bank, on a 25-hectare land with indoor halls of 100,000 square meters, It has been established for the purpose of annual production of 3200 tons of export tomatoes and has directly provided employment for 70 people.

The characteristics of this plan are saving water consumption, off-season production, saving and optimal use of energy and agricultural inputs, stable and sustainable employment, reducing costs and its cost-effectiveness.

According to this report, this production unit has been constructed in 9 halls of 11,000 square meters with a height of 6.5 meters and covered with 8 mm double-layer polycarbonate walls in the form of a Spanish model steel structure with a soil bed and polyethylene coating.

The report adds: The total investment for this project is 750 billion Rials, of which 440 billion Rials have been provided by the facilities of Keshavarzi Bank, from the credit of paragraph A of Note 18 for a period of 6 years.