50,000 billion toman government support for tourism during the corona

ISNA / Qazvin The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism said: the government has allocated 50,000 billion tomans to the tourism sector to compensate for the damage caused by the corona.

Ali Asghar Monsan at the unveiling ceremony of the Neanderthal tooth of the findings of the Iranian and French archeological delegation in the cave of the Kurdish castle of Avaj, which was held on Monday night, January 29, referring to the impact of the corona outbreak on tourism, said: Tourism has arrived, we tried to support the tourism sector during this period, given the situation and the financial and monetary needs of the government, although this support is not enough.

He added: the government’s financial resources are limited, however, it supported tourism, the government has allocated 50,000 billion tomans in the tourism sector to deal with corona damage.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts pointed out: Next year, 7,000 billion tomans will be provided in the budget to support jobs affected by the corona, which is trying to make a significant share of this support due to the extensive damage to the tourism sector.

He pointed out that the support was provided in two parts, in the first stage, people with insurance code were supported, tax deferral, deferral of employer’s insurance premium, deferral of bank debt repayment and deferral of energy carrier expenses are other supports in this area.

Monson noted that in the second phase, support for Corona-damaged businesses was lifted by employers’ requirement to have an insurance code so that more tourism units could be supported.

He reminded: “We hope to see the growth of tourism by injecting vaccine in Nowruz next year. Before the corona, Iran’s tourism in the domestic tourism, foreign tourism and investment volumes had a good growing trend. Investors should consider this sector as a futuristic sector.” They had given that if this trend of tourism continues, in the not too distant years, tourism can be activated as an emerging economy in the country, because there are many capacities in the tourism sector of the country.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism stated: “Many credits are still not considered for the tourism sector. However, with the efforts of tourism activists, tourism in the country has become one of the most important sectors in creating employment, and tourism has entered in creating added value.” And I hope that next year the stalled trend of tourism due to the corona will continue to grow.

He reminded: “In the field of cultural heritage, I try to be able to protect the cultural heritage of the country, although resources in this area are limited and a wide range of issues, we have historical buildings, monuments, hills and historical sites in different parts of our country.” 34,000 national works have been registered; We also have a million known sites and historical sites, and if we want to speed up the excavations, this amount is higher, but due to limited funds, we can not do the excavations quickly, which leads to unauthorized excavations.

Referring to the return of the country’s historical monuments, Monson said: “Good things have happened in this area in this government and we managed to recover 1,700 historical monuments that were lent to the University of Chicago in the United States more than 84 years ago and they have been returned.” They refused, the order to return the Achaemenid sardis was also taken, and recently, with the efforts made, 49 boxes of exquisite tiles of the seventh century BC were returned to the country.

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