51% of coronary hospitalizations are related to Durham

He stated that more than 51% of coronary patients admitted to hospitals are related to family periods and parties, adding that these statistics have led to the imposition of traffic restrictions to prevent family periods.

The spokesman of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, emphasizing the need for people to pay attention to the principle of social responsibility to break the corona chain, said: The principle is the observance of health protocols by people and not attending periods, but a low percentage of people unfortunately health protocols Do not comply, which eventually leads to the spread of the disease.

Raisi, stating that the special restrictions on Yalda night will be applied to all guilds in groups two, three and four from 6 pm, added: These restrictions will be applied in all cities with red, orange and yellow status. There is also a ban on intercity traffic for private cars from 8 pm to 4 am in all cities.

Referring to the situation of coronary heart disease control in Gilan province, he said: “Despite the fact that Gilan is one of the first provinces to be affected by coronary artery, but the assessments of the Ministry of Health show that the ratio of coronary heart disease to the province’s population is lower than the national average.” .

A spokesman for the Corona National Headquarters called Gilan one of the provinces with the lowest number of deaths and continued: “We faced a large number of deaths in March, but in general the ratio of deaths to population was lower in Gilan;” Also, Gilan province is lower than the national average in the index of the ratio of deaths to hospitalizations, which is one of the important international indicators, which indicates the quality of care and management of Corona in this province.

Referring to the good control of coronary heart disease in Gilan in the first peak, Raisi said: “Unfortunately, we faced a re-emergence of the disease in the country and during the last two weeks, four provinces of Ardabil, Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan were in a red situation, but Gilan after Ardabil It declined and got out of the red.

He stated that the cities of Fooman, Shaft, Somehsara, Amlash, Rezvanshahr and Siahkal came out of the red and orange situation and turned yellow, and specified: Gilan has 10 orange cities; Of course, the situation in Talesh city is unstable and if the health protocols are not observed, it will return to the red situation.