6 experts’ forecasts of today’s developments in the capital stock exchange + table

6 experts' forecasts of today's developments in the capital stock exchange + table

According to Eghtesadnews, due to the collection of sales queues and the high value of transactions at the end of the market in key and large symbols such as Fars, the re-growth of global prices in the last 2 days, has caused some commodity-based companies to fall below 6 Reach. After a long period of $ 8,000 and the failure of the 2-year methanol price ceiling, the global copper price has caused special attention to these groups. “Some analysts believe that the stability of the dollar and interest rates, along with the sharp correction last week, has paved the way for a return to the market.” Only the supply of shares in a group of stocks, especially steel, may trigger a buying queue in today’s market, but the trades will probably be followed positively. The publication of monthly reports in December and 9 months will affect the direction of the market and the choice of industries. And steel is expected to be more balanced today than yesterday, but we still see negative trades in the market and need more time to overcome the current cross-sectional excitement Be. What is important, regardless of cross-sectional fluctuations, the three important factors of global market situation, exchange rate stabilization and interest rate stabilization as the most key factors affecting the market are in good condition and current prices in terms of medium and long-term investment Are acceptable.

Others emphasize: Given the significant growth of global commodity markets, today’s market is expected to experience a growing trend centered on the steel and petrochemical industries. As the market continues to move, 9-month reports can help stabilize market movement and shape a slight uptrend.

The overall index also appears to have adjusted to its 38.2% Fibonacci level after growing 25% in the past month, and resumed its growth as demand for index symbols increased. The resistance in front of the index is one million and 500 units and one million and 600 thousand units. If this range is crossed, the probability of growth to the previous ceiling is high. Today’s market is positive considering the conditions and the volume of liquidity, but for Monday with selling pressure.

Forecast 30 Azar

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