61% drop in scholarships + chart

According to Eghtesadnews, on Tuesday, the total index and the weighted index fell and witnessed the outflow of 515 billion tomans of real money from Exchange we were.

Supply and demand for market opening

At the opening of the stock exchange today, 108 market symbols had a buy queue and 166 symbols had a sell queue. Caspian (Chakhzar), Bama (Kama) and Azerbaijan Development Investment Company (Vazar) had the highest buying queues, while Barakat Pharmaceutical Company (Barakat), Behnoosh Iran (Ghabnoosh) and Urmia Petrochemical Company (Sharom) had the highest sales queues. .

Fall of 25 thousand units

From the beginning of today’s stock trading, the overall index found a downward trend and remained down until the end of trading. At the end of trading, the total index was 25,169 units lower than Monday’s figure and reached 1,412,000 units.

The total homogeneous index also went down today and fell by 3,657 units and stood at 465,482 units. Also the total index OTC It decreased by 108 units to 19 thousand 976 units.

Statistics of transactions on January 9Statistics of transactions on January 9

Price drop 61% of the market

At the end of trading on Tuesday, there were 162 symbols of price growth, of which 109 were stock exchange symbols and 53 were OTC symbols. There were also 296 price reduction symbols, of which 212 were stock exchange symbols and 84 were OTC symbols. In other words, 33% of the market had price growth and 61% of the market had price decline.

Market leaders

In today’s trading, Famli, Shasta, Fars, Foolad and Khodro were the red symbols affecting the index, which had the most negative impact on the index.

Growing value of transactions

In today’s trading on the capital stock exchange, the value of total stock market transactions increased by 20.5% to 20,253 billion tomans. The value of retail transactions also increased by 19% and reached 17 thousand and 623 billion tomans.

Withdrawal of real money

Today, for the fourth day in a row, we saw real money coming out of the stock market. On Tuesday, 515 billion tomans of real money went off the stock exchange. Shasta shares had the largest outflow of real money, the value of which changed from real to legal ownership was 96 billion Tomans. After Shasta, Shebandar (Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery) and Khodro (Iran Khodro) had the most real money outflows.

On the demand side today, 87% of purchases were made by real traders and 13% by legal traders. On the supply side, 90% of sales were made by real traders and 10% by legal traders.

Statistics of transactions on January 9

Decreased market supply

At the end of today’s trading, the value of shopping queues was 1,224 billion tomans, which shows a decrease of 17% compared to Monday. Also, the value of sales queues decreased by 36% and reached 1,110 billion tomans.

Stock supply and demand

At the end of today’s trading, Caspian Caspian Wood Industries Company (Vakbehman) topped the market demand table with a purchase line of 118 billion Tomans. After Chakhzar, Barakat Pharmaceutical Company and Azerbaijan Development Investment Company (Vaazar) had the largest purchase queue.

The highest sales queue for the second consecutive day belonged to the symbol of Bu Ali (Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company), which had a sales queue of 332 billion Tomans at the end of transactions. After Bouali, Urmia Petrochemical (Sharom) and Barsing Parsian (Volpars) had the highest sales queue.

Comma at the top of the trading value table

In Tuesday’s trading, Kama (Bama Company) had the highest value of stock market transactions. The value of comma stock transactions was 1,299 billion tomans.

After Kama, Barakat Pharmaceutical Company had the highest transaction value and Shepna had the third highest transaction value, followed by Mobarakeh Steel and Shasta in the next highest transaction value.

Iran Khodro tops the trading volume table

In today’s trading volume table, Iran Khodro It is at the top with 867 million, 29 thousand and 147 shares. Saipa was in the second place with the highest volume of market transactions and the third place belonged to Parsian Kosar Hotel in Isfahan (Gokousar). Bama Company (Kama) and Isfahan Oil Refinery (Shepna) were also in the next ranks of the highest volume of market transactions.