7 ways to treat mental health problems quickly

“The mother has seven psychological wonders,” said Majdi Ishaq, a professor of psychiatry and counseling at the Egyptian Al-Youm website. 7 The psychological impact of mothers on their children is as follows:

1- Sitting near the mother or talking to her for half an hour can be equal to sitting for 6 hours in front of the most skilled psychiatrist.

2. Scientifically, the mother emits heat waves when she hugs you, which makes you more stable and wiser in the face of everything around you.

3- The mother is the only creature that has a sensor (!!!) This may seem strange; But the mother’s heart can feel what has happened and what is happening. So don’t be surprised if he insists on bringing you water or food or warns you to go out for no reason – even if you go to a promenade.

4- The mother is a strange doctor. When he puts his hand on the place of pain in your body, he heals it immediately; Although psychologically.

5. The mother is the only one who sacrifices herself for you; Even if the circumstances of such an issue do not require it.

6- God has answered the prayers of mothers in a special way that has enabled them to change the painful events of your life.

7. Mother is the only creature you can not hide your feelings from.

Source: Young Journalists Club