894 thousand Alborzi subscribers enjoy the blessings of gas / Opening of the first phase of Buin Zahra gas transfer to Karaj by the end of the year

According to the Alborz Borna News Agency, Hossein Taghinejad stated: 815,654 subscribers in the urban sector and 78,610 subscribers in the rural sector have benefited from the blessings of natural gas, for a total of 894,264 subscribers by the end of November this year. They use gas from Alborz province.

Referring to the latest status of the Buin Zahra-Karaj gas transmission project, he added: “The first phase of this project has progressed by 48% and the second phase by 30%.”

The CEO of Alborz Gas Company said: “We anticipate that the first phase of this project will be operational by the end of this year.”

Taghinejad continued: with the completion of two phases of this project, the problem of gas supply to all industrial towns in the province will be solved.