90% of Syrian oil is in the hands of the United States

“The Americans and their followers, like pirates, are targeting Syria’s oil wealth and its tankers,” Bassam was quoted as saying in an interview with Syria’s Al-Akhbariya television channel on Friday.

He noted that the damage to the oil sector, in general, directly or indirectly, has exceeded $ 92 billion.

“What has happened so far in the Syrian war has not happened in any country, in terms of preventing us from exploiting our wealth resources and at the same time preventing export goods from reaching our country,” Bassam said.

The Syrian oil minister cited an article in the American Wall Street Journal stating that Israel had targeted 12 oil tankers bound for Syria in the past two and a half years.

Bassam Ta’meh added: “The oil sector has been targeted mainly as the main source of income for the Syrian economy.”

Regarding oil exploration horizons, the Syrian minister said: “We are looking forward to our regional waters in terms of oil reserves, but oil exploration contracts are costly and long-term.”

He added: “We have a bright oil future in these waters, but the exploitation of oil reserves requires calm and stable logistical conditions.”

The Russian-Syrian Coordination Headquarters issued a joint statement on March 6 accusing Western countries of targeting the looting of Syria’s natural resources.

The headquarters stated: “The real goal of the West is not to fight terrorism in Syria, but to plunder the national wealth of this country.”

With the defeat of the ISIS terrorist group as the US arm in Syria in December 2017, American terrorists directly replaced the group, and from that very moment, instead of ISIS, they began to extract and steal Syrian oil and continue killing the Syrian people.

In recent years, the United States has plagued people and robbed their oil resources in the West Asian region, especially in Syria; An action taken by the ISIS terrorist group in recent years.

In the past two years, the United States has increased its presence in the oil-rich areas of Syria by sending more troops and equipment, which has led to more oil theft.

To justify the robbery, a Republican senator in the United States said that the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces militia had signed a contract with an American oil company.

Al-Hurra reported, quoting Graham, that Mazlum Abdi, the commander of the Kurdish militia known as the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, had signed a contract with an American oil company.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is a militant affiliated with the US terrorist military based in eastern and northeastern Syria.

The Syrian government has repeatedly stated that these US militants and terrorist elements in eastern and northeastern Syria have no purpose other than looting oil, and will end their illegal presence.

The United States signed an agreement with Kurdish groups in northern Syria last August.