97% progress of strategic projects of Khuzestan Auxin Steel until November 1999

Based on the mission and existence of Auxin Steel, which is the completion of the steel industry chain and meeting the needs of the country’s oil and gas industry and marine industry and causes high added value for its stakeholders, especially its shareholders, the prospect of producing 800,000 tons of valuable steel products Added and api until 1401 for this collection and in this regard, the strategic goals of Khuzestan Auxin Steel in four perspectives of value, customer, internal processes and learning growth were formulated.

According to the economic observation and quoting the public relations of Auxin Steel, based on the changes in the company’s approach, including changing the product portfolio from building to alloy and API and implementing the company’s strategic plan since the beginning of 1998, we have fortunately witnessed countless success in Auxin. Which can be referred to the mass production of sheets of sour environment and the company’s profitability, on the other hand, based on the performance of units according to pre-determined goals in November of this year, the progress of these goals is 97%, including these goals can be achieved production and sales. 700 thousand tons of product by 117 percent, increase in operational readiness by 104 percent and management and fulfillment of sales commitments by 107 percent.

It should be noted that the realization of these goals has been the special concern of the company’s management and board of directors to the organization’s strategies and the obligation of all units to move in this direction, as well as monitoring and measuring the progress of activities through monthly meetings of the process steering committee. .

In conclusion, it should be noted that giving importance to the strategy and long-term goals is necessary for any organization, that today Khuzestan Auxin Steel is moving in a strategic direction with the efforts of each of its employees.