A 59-year-old father killed his two children with a Kalashnikov! / It happened in Urmia

A father from Urmia committed a family crime in his own house, killing Behnam with a Kalashnikov and wounding Shir Ali.

A 59-year-old father killed his two children with a Kalashnikov! / It happened in Urmia

The sound of successive shots fired from Kalashnikovs in the village of Mansourabad in Urmia is frightened and worried. Unaware of the details of this bloody family murder, they attended the mourning ceremony of Amin Azari’s family.

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On Saturday, December 13th, in a family conflict, two brothers were shot dead by their wounded father. A resident of Mansourabad village said that he had met the killer at the police station: “The perpetrator told him that he had killed Behnam with a Kalashnikov and wounded Shir Ali due to his lack of attention to him.”

A father from Urmia killed his son with a Kalashnikov

Jasem, one of the 5 brothers of Amin Azari family, denied their differences with his father, and said: Shir Ali and Behnam have not had any disagreements with my father since childhood, and the residents of Mansourabad village confirm this.

Jassem continued: I do not know what problems my brothers had with my father in the last few days, maybe they were upset with each other. My father is 59 years old and he shot my brothers with a Kalashnikov rifle. I do not know where my father got the rifle.

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Family murder in Mansourabad village

He continued: “My mother and sisters were present at the time of the shooting, and we found out a few minutes after the incident that Behnam was killed and Shir Ali was injured. Also, everyone in their family has a problem.”

In the end, Jassem Amin Azari said: “After injuring Shir Ali and killing Behnam, my father handed himself over to the police station and judicial authorities with a Kalashnikov rifle.” My father’s escape and arrest are on the verge of rumors. Also, Shir Ali is currently in the hospital’s ICU

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