A 97% increase in the family symbol was recorded in the stock market

According to Eghtesadnews, quoting Fars, based on a document published in the comprehensive information system of stock exchange publishers, Kadal, the announcement of changes in the National Iranian Copper Industries Company with the nature of a public company based on the minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly of the company on December 31, 2010 1,400 billion rials was increased to 200,000 billion rials divided by 200 billion shares of 1,000 rials in the name of accumulated profit, and the relevant article was amended in the company’s articles of association.

Registration of family capital increase

According to Fars, the National Iranian Copper Industries Company is one of the largest listed companies in the country, whose market value has reached more than 294 thousand billion tomans. Currently, 33% of the company’s shares are floating in the market and are held by shareholders. Milliams is also in the equity portfolio of 49 million Iranian shareholders.

After increasing the family capital, the holders of this share received a bonus of 97.2% of their shares, which was displayed in their portfolio. What is this increase of shares for the holders of justice shares in an indirect way?

Today’s family situation in the stock market

At present, the basis ratio of Million is 17.71 units and the ratio of base in the group of metals is 18.04, and the percentage of shares is a valuable and fundamental stock for shareholders. The price of each share of Millimas is traded at 1472 Tomans today.

According to the briefing report of the board of directors of the National Copper Company to the Extraordinary General Assembly of shareholders, 36. 57% of the national copper shares with more than 37 billion shares belong to justice shareholders. On average, each justice shareholder with a nominal share of one million Tomans has about 1081 Holds a share of National Copper.

Therefore, the holders of justice shares have valuable shares such as Melli Mes, Mobarakeh Steel, Isfahan Oil Refinery, Tehran Oil Refinery, Tondgovian Petrochemical, Tejarat Bank, Mellat Bank, Saderat Bank, Dana Insurance, Iran Telecommunication and other valuable listed companies.

Many experts say that equity stocks are valuable, and that shareholders should avoid selling equity stocks, which are a combination of stocks of the best listed and over-the-counter companies, and instead reap benefits such as price increases, annual profits, and collateral for loans. Use banking.

Meanwhile, the Organization for Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries of Iran, ie the government, owns only 12% of the shares of the National Copper Company.

The next major shareholder of the National Copper Company is the Pension Fund of the National Copper Company of Iran with 7.84% of shares, then Sadr Tamin Investment Company with 5.36% of the shares and other small shareholders and other companies are shareholders of the National Copper Company.