A gallery the size of a city

This festival started some time ago by publishing a public call and inviting photographers of Sirjan city, and after the deadline for submitting photos on March 11, 365 photos were sent by 73 photographers to the festival secretariat.

On March 14th, the submitted photos were reviewed by the festival jury, Messrs. Abdolreza Mahmoudabadi, Rasoul Hosseini Nejad, Vahid Dehyadgari and the representative of Golgohar Company. At the end, 22 photos were selected from 19 Sirjani photographers and from the first day of the new year on City-wide billboards were installed and displayed to the public.

The names of the selected photographers are as follows: (The order of the names is in alphabetical order and does not constitute a ranking)

Mohsen Ahmadi, Ebrahim Eftekhari, Farshid Bastani, Laleh Khajoui, Mostafa Khedmati, Ismail Khortan, Hamed Jahanshahi, Mostafa Zeidabadi, Amir Mohammad Dehyadgari, Muslim Sheibani, Mohammad Shahadadi, Marjan Arab Mokhtari, Iman Fathi, Seyed Mohammad Forouzandeh, Atefeh Karbal Praisers, Hojjat Mahyapour and Ruhollah Naderi.

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