A good reference for buying all irons / briefly about the Iron Collection of Nations

According to Borna, Isfahan Melal Iron Company, with a long history in the field of supplying hardware for industrial and construction projects, offers the most suitable prices to dear buyers in the shortest time and due to its direct and unmediated relationship with Iran’s steel mills. Ahan Melal is licensed by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, the iron sales class and the company to be registered with the Iranian Property and Deeds Registration Organization.

One of the important things for buyers who want to order in absentia is that the collection has the necessary licenses related to its activities. Iron Nations has all the necessary licenses to buy online, so you can buy with peace of mind.

The activity of this collection is under the supervision of the Tax Affairs Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the presentation of an official invoice to the esteemed buyer.

Ahan Melal, as a well-known brand in the iron market, has been trusted by activists in this field and has been able to gain the rank of a seller of iron in Iran and see government, semi-private and private organizations among its customers.

Iron Nations Group always strives to provide you with the highest quality products and the most appropriate rebar prices by using accurate and expert advice on calculating the hardware required for your project.

Due to the direct and immediate cooperation of Iron Nations with steel mills, this company always offers the best iron prices to its customers. Ability to receive useful advice before buying for free from Isfahan Nations iron sales experts.

Since Isfahan province is located in the center of Iran, large cities such as Kerman, Yazd, Shahrekord, Tehran and Khorramabad are among the buyers of hardware for use in construction and civil engineering projects and Isfahan Melal Iron Company as a supplier Be sure to choose steel products.

Tips for buying from Isfahan Iron Nations Company

Isfahan Iron Nations Company provides the iron you need in the shortest possible time and at the most appropriate market price.

Iron Day prices are updated instantly on the website. Also, by subscribing to the Iron Nations Telegram channel, you can be informed about the current news of the iron market and the analysis and forecast of the iron market in the Iranian market.

How to buy hardware

Isfahan Nations Iron Company

To buy hardware, you can refer to the daily price tables of beams, rebars, angles and studs, iron sheets, steel pipes, cans and profiles, wire products and steel ingots, and after selecting your desired product, complete the order registration form and Or you can contact the Head Office of Iron Nations and leave the purchase process to our sales experts.

• Buy hardware online

If you want to buy hardware online, by referring to the daily price list available on the website, complete the order registration form and wait for the sales unit to coordinate the delivery of the goods at the announced address.

• Buy hardware by phone

If you want to buy iron and rebar by phone; And using the free consultation of sales experts, call the numbers of Isfahan Nations Iron Sales Office and leave the purchase process to our experts.

• In-person purchase of hardware

If you want to buy rebar and iron in person, refer to the central office of Iron Nations located in Isfahan, Khayyam Highway, Negarestan Alley, Ferdowsi Commercial Complex, third floor, unit one, and to supply the ironwork of your projects from Isfahan Iron Services and Take advantage of the advice of sales experts.

General terms of purchase of hardware

Isfahan Nations Iron Company

• Settlement is 100% cash advance. The basis for confirming the settlement is the receipt of money in the bank announced by the seller.

• The final settlement is the weight of the origin scale and the difference between the origin and destination scale on each trailer is approved according to the law of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation 80 to 100 kg and in case of more than that difference, the criterion is the weight of the third scale.

• Due to the market volatility (ascending / descending), the moment of purchase, price confirmation and inventory is required.

• Shipping-shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

• In case of any problem in the shipment before unloading, you must inform the sales expert, otherwise the problems of the shipped goods can not be followed.

• All shipments sent from Tehran company are subject to payment of corporate expenses and corporate expenses are accepted according to the custom in the iron market and the amount is about 500 Rials per kilogram.

• Considering the approximate weights in the pre-invoice, in case of weight gain, the buyer is obliged to settle for 45 minutes, in case of delay in clearing the cargo clearance from the warehouse is prevented and the cost of delay and car sleep with the buyer In case of non-settlement within 24 hours from the announcement of the exact weights, the return shipment and the transaction will be terminated unilaterally.

• Shipping time is not required due to shipping issues.

• In case of multiple requested items, downloading will be done from several places.

• Due to weather conditions and storage conditions in the warehouse, there is a possibility of surface discoloration in all steel sections.

Specific conditions for purchasing hardware

• Sheets are cut or the tolerance is 10 mm.

• In sheets cut from rolls, the condition does not apply.

• In ST37 sheets, it is not possible to provide a quality certificate from the manufacturer.

• Relative goods have a tolerance in thickness and dimensions.

• Corner goods can be delivered according to their approximate weight and the number of branches is not a condition.

Charter of Customer Rights of Isfahan Iron Nations Company

• The customer has the right to know the type of services of the company.

• The customer has the right to receive free information and advice from sales experts about the services received.

• The customer has the right to know how to load and send cargo.

• The customer has the right to receive information and services about the product at any time.

• The customer has the right to use engineering information and technical certifications.

• The customer has the right to criticize us.

• The customer has the right to expect polite and disciplined treatment from the staff of the Nations.

• The customer has the right to be in contact with management as defined.

• The customer has the right to object to delays in loading and shipping and how to load.

• The customer has the right to send it to the laboratory for testing within a certain period of time due to the standardity of the loads.

• The customer has the right to contact the experts to match the load purchased with the shipped product.

• The customer has the right not to overpay for the bill of lading if the fare is asymmetric with the government tariff.


In this article, we tried to introduce the Isfahan Nations Iron Company. Dear ones, you can visit www.ahanmelal.com website to get more acquainted with this company and buy the hardware needed for your project.