A happy statistic about the Truth Film Festival

According to statistics provided by the Secretary of the Fourteenth International Festival Cinema Reality, this cinematic event, despite being held online this year, has been able to attract more viewers and audiences than in previous periods.

Hamidi Moghaddam, referring to the remarkable statistics of watching documentaries during the festival, said: “The online form is slowly taking shape. We are slowly seeing an increase in visits, especially from the media and documentary film professionals at the festival house. If we want daily visit statistics in the fourteenth Reality Film Festival “Comparing it with the previous periods in Chaharso Cinema, we see that yesterday (Friday, December 19), 7,700 views were recorded, while in the previous periods, the average daily audience was 1,200.”

The secretary of the 14th Haghighat Film Festival said that in the first four days of this event (from December 16th to 18th), 23,000 views were recorded on the festival platforms. “The Haghighat Film Festival is one of the most popular specialized film festivals, but in this period a change “Communication with the audience has been established and the audience has increased sevenfold, and on the other hand, we are witnessing the satisfaction of the audience, which is a good thing.”

Referring to the 10 most popular works on the fourth day (Friday, December 19) of the festival, he said: “The documentary” Tattooed Dreams “directed by Mehdi Ganji with 1173 seats was the most popular film of yesterday, followed by” Coup d’etat 53 “with 934 “The audience,” Dance with me a little “with 778 audience and … are in this table.”

Hamidi Moghaddam continued: “Yesterday, 300 students followed Mehrdad Oskooi’s master class live. 300 people attended Bill Nichols’ workshop and 200 students attended Mehdi Ganji’s workshop. “Students, many of whom live in the city, and holding the festival online for free was a good thing for many of them.”

14th International Festival « Cinema Reality It has started on December 16th and will end on December 2nd.