A new discovery to destroy the corona virus

According to the latest research, the light emitted by LED lamps can kill the corona virus in 30 seconds, so the rooms can be disinfected at the lowest cost by installing a lamp in the air-conditioning vents.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, research has shown that LED lamps that emit ultraviolet light can kill the corona virus.

According to the British newspaper, although the effectiveness of ultraviolet rays in killing the virus has already been proven, this is the first time that ultraviolet rays emitted from LED lamps have been investigated in connection with the destruction of the corona virus.

According to researchers, disinfecting a bus, train, gym or airplane requires a significant amount of chemicals and spraying them through human agents. This is also successful if it can be ensured that it is done completely and correctly. On the other hand, we have to wait for a while for it to take effect, while this can be easily done through the LED lamps that are installed in the air conditioning system of these neighborhoods.

LED lamps consume little energy and have a strong light, and in fact, the use of these lamps is a fast and cheap solution with high efficiency to eliminate the corona virus.