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In a world that has become an industrial workshop, selling the product in the traditional way is a method of destruction, and up-to-date companies are aware of this point and innovate with the help of risk-taking and modern people. This has recently happened at Ronix International, a tool company that has pushed new frontiers with the help of digital technologies and up-to-date marketing. Haddad Pejum, Senior Director of Information Technology, Ronix International, explained the company’s plans for change in this sector, referring to the capacities that lie in the Iranian and international tool market.

“It is important for us that Ronix’s special work in the market for the production and sale of tools,” said Haddad Pejum, who focuses on Ronix International’s digital field and meeting the needs of a wide range of audiences and people in need of tools. Very quickly and at a lower cost, we provide the tools needed by people in the manufacturing and commercial sector and the home consumption sector. As an important part of the work is based on a platform of digital and technology-based frameworks, the pursuit of this work in this context with the development of technical infrastructure in the past few years has been done by Ronix International and is now in the final stage.


He noted: “Given that the majority of our target community in the tool industry are among the people who are more interested in buying in the traditional market, show less desire to buy tools online and avoid digital technology, we tried to collect Information and make it attractive ‌ To buy from the online tool store, we offer solutions tailored to the use of digital marketing. Surveys by the Ronix International IT team show that our audiences, among tech professionals and service careers such as carpenters, blacksmiths, mechanics, and others, are less familiar with cyberspace searching or at least purchasing the tools they need. They do not. Therefore, Ronix in the tool industry, while paying attention to the entry of new generations in the industry, from technical people familiar with online shopping and web search, has adopted a solution that will help the Ronix International Company in the Iranian tool market.

Pointing to the importance of content monitoring to understand the effectiveness of Ronix policies, Haddad Pejoum pointed to an important point: , Publication, effectiveness, etc. Why is it impossible to fight with world famous brands such as; Diwalt, Makita and Bosch are due to the high technical and content capabilities and very detailed history of these companies. Ironically, this is also the fulcrum of Ronix International’s goals, which attack the market from a different region. Digital marketing through the production of accurate content leads to a level of impact that is indescribable.

Recalling the success of Ronix International in connecting audiences and buyers in 40 countries, the digital marketing expert noted: “More than 50% of this success is due to the adoption of programs in the field of digital marketing and here are interested experts in this field who are looking for They are a suitable job with innovation and creativity in an international company, we invite you to visit Ronix site to attract experts.

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