A plant that is very effective and useful in thickening hair

Since the Hair It plays a very important role in beauty. Here are 9 effective ways to thicken hair. Hair loss and thinning hair, which can be due to various reasons such as stress and work pressure.

It can happen at any age, it is a problem that has become very common today, and since hair plays a very important role in beauty, here are 9 effective ways to thicken hair.

To have healthy and thick hair, sometimes you have to cut it short. It is better to do this in proportion to the type and size of your hair to make the beauty of your face more prominent.

We recommend that you always dye your hair in reasonable and conventional colors and always avoid extreme contrast. For example, if your entire hair color is brown, you should not have a blonde highlight. It is always recommended to lighten part of the hair by one or two degrees and keep the rest in their original color for a natural result.

Combing hair is essential for cleansing hair from greasy deposits and fine particles. Combing the hair also helps to allow air to flow through the hair and increase its volume. Try combing your hair from top to bottom and vice versa every morning and evening to ensure good blood flow to the scalp and nourishment.

Just as the skin needs exfoliation to get rid of toxins that have accumulated on its surface, so does the hair to get rid of fat deposits and airborne particles and sweat. To do this, simply massage your hair with a little lotion and then wash it with shampoo.

Preserve the nature of your hair. If your hair is curly or wavy, leave it alone instead of trying to change it. Instead, you can control the natural beauty of your wavy hair by using related products.

Do not wash your hair every day to thicken it, this is necessary to maintain the health of your hair. You can also change your shampoo during the week. For example, use lighter samples such as paraben-free and silicone-free formulations.

Use daily hair cream to thicken your hair; This is the secret of soft and shiny hair. After washing your hair, massage it with some conditioner and blow dry it.

_ Do not forget to eat apples to thicken your hair. You may have tried many solutions to prevent hair loss; But you may not know that one of the best ways to treat this complication is to eat apples. Japanese researchers have studied more than 1,000 plant extracts to see the best results in combating hair loss and growth. They found that the polyphenols in apples, especially brusyanidine B2, were the best treatment for hair loss.

Zinc is an important element in thickening hair. Zinc plays an important role in hair cell regeneration and growth and health. Scientists have tested the role of zinc in the fight against hair loss, which shows that zinc has the greatest effect on hair growth. Consult your doctor for proper zinc supplements.

The effect of aromatic oils on thickening hair, do not ignore aromatic oils. We all know that some types of scented vegetable oils stimulate blood circulation and accelerate hair growth. Just find the right combination of these oils to massage your hair. The combination of roman, jojoba and rosemary vegetable oils can be suitable for a two-minute night massage.

The final recommendation is to contact a dermatologist. If you do not respond to herbal and hygienic methods, see a specialist as soon as possible to make sure you do not have hormonal problems and vitamin deficiencies.

Source: May Show