A technical report on the crash of a Ukrainian plane is published

“Saeed Khatibzadeh The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran today (Monday) in a weekly meeting with reporters, while explaining the latest developments in the field of foreign policy, answered the questions raised.

Khatibzadeh stated: The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan will travel to Tehran on Wednesday.

The spokesman for the diplomatic corps added: The meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran and the P5 + 1 will be held at 11:30 Tehran time.

The senior Iranian diplomat said about Iran’s missile dialogue with Europe: “There have always been different margins on the statements that some officials say.” What the State Department has consistently announced is a message Barjam It is a matter that has its own process and has been negotiated, signed, summarized and finalized, and what has reached this stage, neither we nor anyone else can open it. Borjam is not something that Iran negotiates.

He pointed out: “We have a definite and clear opinion that Borjam.” Negotiation It will not happen again and the parties will return to fulfill their obligations and other sub-issues will be heard. In maximum resistance, Iran showed the world that it does not negotiate with anyone about national security and national interests, and that it negotiates itself, and that speculations are not true. Iran has its own defense priorities and will act accordingly.

He also said about the visit of Zanganeh, the Minister of Oil, to Russia and the export of four and a half million barrels of oil to Syria: “We have not heard this.” Of course, such trips are common, and the Ministry of Oil will announce the details of this trip. Iran’s share of the oil market is clear, and Iran is trying to secure that share and regain what it lost.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that the relations between Iran and the IAEA are technical and should be maintained within the framework of these relations. Our advice to the agency has always been to stay away from political pressures.

Khatibzadeh in response to a question about the remarks of the Canadian Foreign Minister who said we do not believe human error caused Ukrainian plane crash “If we are not satisfied with the process of investigating and punishing the perpetrators of the plane crash, we will complain to the International Court of Justice,” he said. We are a nation and there is not a day or a night that we are not saddened by the sorrow of this story. We share this grief of the bereaved families, they were the great sons of this nation.

He said: ‌ At its highest level, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been seeking to clarify the dimensions of the matter from the very beginning, and its technical dimensions go back to the Aviation Organization, and the Armed Forces Organization is following up in this regard.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stating that the technical report has been prepared, noted: The institutions of the Islamic Republic followed up on this issue with emphatic instructions and we did our best in accordance with international laws and treaties, and today and tomorrow the technical report The disaster will be reported and sent online to the Ukrainian side and others involved. We do our best to move forward with transparency.

Khatibzadeh stated: It is not a simple matter. The statements were intrusive and unacceptable from day one by the Canadian authorities. To date, most of the stoning and misplaced interventions have been reported, and I am saddened by the grief of these families for some Canadian politicians to provide hats for themselves and the grief of business. I warn the Government and the Foreign Minister of Canada to be accountable for their actions within a specific government, and the government that has made every effort to block the delivery of medicine to Iran and this government has no place to stand in the rostrum and talk about human rights.

He said: “I invite the Canadian Foreign Minister to diplomatic etiquette and the extent of my position.

In response to another question from a Fars reporter about the European Parliament’s human rights resolution against Iran, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “Issuing one-sided, repetitive and threadbare speeches is not acceptable and has no value.” The European Parliament was right to show that it was sensitive to human rights.

Khatibzadeh continued: “I do not remember when the butterfly and cancer patients of European companies refused to send medicine.” I invite them to come out from behind the hypocrisy and see what responsibility they have fulfilled. Selective resolutions are not only unacceptable but also completely unacceptable.

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