Ability to pre-purchase the house from the stock exchange + details

The countdown to the issuance of mortgages on the Commodity Exchange has begun; A plan through which applicants will be able to pre-purchase a home.

Ability to pre-purchase the house from the stock exchange + details

The issue of housing transactions in the Iran Commodity Exchange is advancing with two ideas. Trading in the physical market of Iran Commodity Exchange is the first method in this regard. Accordingly, the surplus assets of the government and banks are listed on the Commodity Exchange.

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In this regard, so far, four properties have been offered in the commodity exchange. Pardis New City Development Company offered and sold a commercial unit after being accepted in the secondary market of Iran Commodity Exchange with a base price of 1 billion and 63 million Tomans. After that, the commercial property of Bank Eghtesad Novin (Kerman) was listed on the commodity exchange on September 16 and the land of Bank Eghtesad Novin (Bandar Abbas) on September 17. The latest offer in this regard was related to the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support, which sold a surplus plot of land on the stock exchange board.

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Issuance of mortgage bonds

Another method that differs from the physical supply of housing, or in other words, the supply of immovable physical property on the stock exchange, is the issuance of standard mortgage bonds. According to officials, there is going to be a bed in the capital market so that applicants can easily pre-purchase housing.

In fact, it is supposed that people will be able to pre-purchase a house even in the amount of one square meter and according to their liquidity in order to maintain the purchasing power of their savings; Therefore, housing may be reduced to small pieces and it may be possible to sell it as well as make secondary transactions.

In this plan, the Commodity Exchange seeks to be able to pre-sell housing in the form of meters and in the form of standard housing futures, and to do so in a context where the necessary guarantees are obtained from the builder and the buyer buys safely. . Also, if the manufacturer does not fulfill its obligations at maturity, it can claim damages from the manufacturer and compensate the possible loss to the pre-buyer.

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The latest news indicates that this plan has been approved by the jurisprudential committee of the Exchange Organization and is currently in the process of drafting regulations. Based on this, it seems that the cost of building a unit or a project is to be converted into small securities and offered to the market by the mass producer.

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