About 200 organizations have been hacked by Russia

Nearly 200 organizations were hacked into Russia as part of a cyber attack on SolarWinds, a software company that works with several government agencies, Bloomberg News reported.

Cyber ​​Security Company: About 200 organizations have been hacked by Russia

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Ellen Lisa, a cyber threat analyst, told Bloomberg that a Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company called Recorded Future had identified 198 people who had been hacked by an infected update.

Three informed sources told Bloomberg that the hacking operation, which aimed to gain access to computer networks or gain access to user information, claimed at least 200 lives.

According to the report, about 18,000 Solarwinds customers have received this malicious update. Of those, more than 1,000 experienced a malicious ping code that gave hackers more access to sensitive networks.

The identities of the victims have not been disclosed and their number is expected to increase as the investigation continues. The company said in a statement to Hill News that it intends to compile a list of Solarwinds subsidiaries targeted by hackers.