Achilles heel on Tuesday

According to Eqtesadnews, on Monday, the total stock index rose, but the weight index also fell. Yesterday, the total stock index grew by 18,129 units and reached 1,437,000 units. The total homogeneous index also decreased by 3,010 units to 469,125 units. Also witnessed the outflow of 125 billion tomans of real money from Exchange we were.

The largest price increase

Monday at Exchange Azerbaijan Development Investment Companies (with trading symbol and Azar), Elixir Pharmacy (Delr), Isfahan Cement (Sasefha), Nasir Machine Engineering (Khansir), and Derakhshan Tehran (Padrakhsh) recorded the highest price increase with 5% growth. the door OTC Also, Parsian Kosar Hotel in Isfahan (Gokoshar) and Khorramdareh Plain (Zasht) had the highest price increase.

The biggest price reduction

Noosh Mazandaran companies (with Ghanoush symbol), Sobhan Pharmaceutical Group (Desbaha) and Behnoosh Iran (Ghabnoosh) had the highest market price decrease on Monday, and in OTC trading, Drug Production Company (Detolid) and Urmia Petrochemical Company (Sharoom) had the highest price decrease. Had.

Market supply and demand

Examining supply and demand on Monday will help to identify the trend of the stock market. Symbols that are accompanied by a buy queue at the end of trading are also in demand the next day, and symbols with a sales queue at the end of trading are also highly available the next day.

Decrease in the value of shopping queues

At the end of trading on Monday, the value of shopping queues was 1,487 billion tomans, which shows a growth of 6.75% compared to Sunday.

Decrease in sales queues

Yesterday, the value of sales queues increased by 112 percent and reached 1,745 billion tomans.

Most demands

Yesterday, Kosar Bahman Investment Management Company (Vakbehman) topped the market demand table with a purchase line of 159 billion Tomans. After Wakbahman, Bama Company (Kama) and Cultural Heritage Investment (Semga) had the largest buying queue.

Most offers

Yesterday, the highest sales queue belonged to the symbol of Bu Ali (Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company), which had a sales queue of 288 billion Tomans at the end of transactions. Bu’ali stock prices, while rising in all their trading days, fell today after 13 working days. After Bouali, Bank D (D) and Barakat (Barakat) had the highest sales queue.

Stock queues

Forecast the stock market today

Yesterday, the overall index grew by relying on the growth of greats such as Fars, Shasta, Topico, Kegel, Kachad, Shepna, Shatran, Shebandar, Khodro, Famli, Foolad and Khosapa. True traders seem to be leaning towards the market giants, although some market participants see legal support as effective in forming buying queues.

The value of sales queues grew yesterday. In yesterday’s trading, for the third day in a row, the value of sales queues had an upward trend. The growth of sales queues at the end of stock trading will act as a factor in lowering the index in today’s trading.

But the important thing was that the market was oversupplied. After closing the market with a surplus of demand in the last 8 working days, at the end of Monday’s trading, we saw a surplus of supply in Exchange we were. The surplus value of the stock exchange at the end of yesterday’s trading was 258 billion tomans. A factor that will reduce prices and consequently lower stock market indices. Also yesterday, the stock exchange was associated with the outflow of real money for the third day in a row. Yesterday, the value of outgoing money was 125 billion tomans. The outflow of real money and the increase in its rate will reduce the stock market indices. As a result, although the index has risen, the internal trends of the market are negative and the stock market steps are currently shaky and fragile.