Active fundamentalist sharp attack against Rouhani

Hossein Dehbashi revealed a few years later “In the interview of Channel 2, our plan was that when confronted by the presenter, we should abandon everything that Abedini says and attack the television (!) Day by day, with the dominance of the media, people are elected. “They are closer to the showman and the actor than the politician.”

Mr. Rouhani has always questioned the authority of other forces and called for a referendum whenever he has run out of money to answer to the people – about the false fulfillment of promises.

A few days ago, he said that he did not consider the anti-sanction resolution of the parliament useful and that he would implement it with his interpretation of the law of the parliament (!)

These statements are illegal, while according to the constitution, the only credible authority to interpret the constitution is the “Guardian Council”, and the only authority to interpret parliamentary resolutions is the parliament itself.

Regarding the referendum, Mr. Rouhani has repeatedly received legal answers, and yet, he has resorted to media play to change the atmosphere of intense criticism among the people about the mismanagement of the government.

He knows better than anyone that his approval rating has dropped below 10 percent in all polls. The government also spent a lot of money and for some time managed to pass and pass the ninth and tenth parliaments. But for the last time, Rouhani received a rejection score on four out of five questions in response to questions from members of the 10th Majlis.

Legally, neither type of referendum (legislative / constitutional amendment) is within the competence of the president. Article 59 of the Constitution states: The exercise of legislative power can be done through a referendum, and its request must be approved by two-thirds of the members of parliament.

The second type of referendum, which is related to Article 177 and the revision of the Constitution, is within the competence of the leadership and in consultation with the Expediency Council, which is put to a public vote after review by the Review Council. According to Article 110 of the Constitution, the referendum decree is one of the duties and powers of the leadership.

Therefore, Mr. Rouhani has nothing to do with the constitution, nor does he want to have a convincing and credible legal argument. He knows how much people are protesting against his mismanagement; So, in his opinion, he wants to change the atmosphere! He makes a legal gesture, but now everyone knows that he was supposed to be a Showman from the beginning!