Adel Ferdowsipour and his wife at work + leaked photos

Adel Ferdowsipour Football reporter and presenter of football programs and university professor and translator and journalist According to his own words, he was born in Yazd on October 31, 1974. Adel Ferdowsipour, football reporter and presenter of football programs and university professor and translator and journalist on October 31, 1974 According to him, he was born in Yazd, but his place of birth was also announced in Tehran.

He is originally from the city of Rafsanjan in Kerman and has a brother and sister. He studied industrial engineering and has a master’s degree in this field.

The photo below is not of Adel Ferdowsipour’s wife

Journalistic activity

Ferdowsipour started his career as a journalist and in 1372, as a journalist in Abrar Varzeshi newspaper, he worked in the translation department of foreign football pages.

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How to enter the radio and television and reporting

He took part in the Radio and Television exam in 1973, and after a few exams, he was finally accepted and started working in the sports department. In the continuation of Shabuneh magazine, we will talk more about this artist.


Childhood photo of Adel Ferdowsipour

At first, he reported on archival programs, but over time, he reported live games well, and this was the stage of his ascent and progress in football programs and reports. His skill in English made foreign games and the names of foreign players more fluent. And perform better than other reporters.

Photos of Adel Ferdowsi ‌ Pour’s wife

The host of Sima produced the 90th program with the aim of challenging and criticizing Iranian football, which is one of the most controversial football programs of Sima.


book translation

Adel Ferdowsi-Pour’s wife has a history of translating into English and the first book he translated was called Football Against the Enemy, which has a football-political theme. It is called the Comprehensive Football Book, which is a 400-page, full-color encyclopedia of football. His third translation is the book The Art of Clear Thinking, which is about management methods.


Popularity of football presenter and reporter

Ferdowsipour is more popular among sports presenters and reporters, especially in football, and is considered one of the most popular social figures. He is one of the best presenters selected by the people.

The story of the conflict with Ali Karimi

Due to Ali Karimi’s action in the press conference after the SpeedRoad game, he threw the microphone of the 90th program, which annoyed Ferdowsipour, and he said that if he insulted me, I would forgive him, but he insulted the 90 million viewers of the 90th.


Who is the wife of Adel Ferdowsi Pour?

Ferdowsi is married and married, but so far no photo of his wife has been published and no news about the identity and photo of Adel Ferdowsi Pour’s wife has been published anywhere. There is also unreliable news of separation from his wife.

محمد-رضا-گلزار_ Rouzegar-28

The host of the program is supposed to be the last guest of the popular program of Nasim Network with the performance of Mehran Modiri, which will be broadcast on the 17th of Farzardin, 1997. Has been.