Admission registration without student exam starts today

Registration and selection of the field to participate in the student admission stage based on the academic records of the Bahman 1399 period of universities and institutions of higher education will begin today, Sunday, December 20th.

According to ISNA, Based on the approvals of the 24th session of the Student Assessment and Admission Council dated 22 October, it was decided that for the vacant capacities of the fields that have not been completed in the admission phase with the national academic records of 1399, admission based on academic records (written diploma grade point average) for February To take.

Accordingly, applicants for registration and choosing a field to participate in this stage should note that registration and choosing a field online will begin today, Sunday, December 20, and will continue until Wednesday, December 23rd.

The handbook for registration and selection of the admission course of the mentioned course will be available today and at the same time with the start of registration through the information portal of the country’s education evaluation organization.

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