Adventure with the capital’s magpies after riding an arrow

The twentieth season of the Premier League Soccer Our country with a new phenomenon called گل‌گهر سیرجان Faced with being reborn within this attacking team. Godwin Mansha The 31-year-old Nigerian player introduced himself as a goal-scoring striker in Iranian football after the 16th league with the Peykan team led by Majid Jalali. Now, once again, after a not so good period in the two big teams of the capital under Amir New Castle He has succeeded in making his name as one of the main candidates for the title of Mr. Goalie of the 20th League.

1.2 goals per game!

Origin until the end of the seventh week Premier League Football has entered the field as the main player in all the games of Golgohar team and has left a very good statistic of 9 goals scored. He has not managed to score in these 7 games only in the fourth week against Tabriz Machine-Building football team, but he has scored in the match against Sepahan Isfahan, Peykan Tehran, Foolad Khuzestan and Sanat Naft Abadan, and also in the game against Rafsanjan Copper Double. And he has scored a hat-trick in the game with Shahrkhodro. With his good performance in scoring, he has been one of the main pieces of Amir Ghaleh to bring this Sirjani team to the top of the league table.

Adventure with the capital’s magpies after riding an arrow

The Nigerian striker came to the attention of the club after being seen in the Peykan team with his good performance Persepolis After joining the capital’s Reds for a season and a half under Branko Ivankovic, he was never able to live up to the expectations of Persepolis fans as a six-point scorer. According to statistics, Mansha has played 62 games with the red shirt and in the end has scored only 14 goals, which was a long way from his performance in Peykan, which is 28 games and 15 goals. Of course, it is important to note that he had a good performance for Persepolis in the AFC Champions League, culminating in the game against Al-Duhail Qatar at Azadi Stadium, where he scored the team’s goal to reach the final.

After being included in the list of surplus players by Branko, he settled with the Persepolis team, and in the circumstances that were heard, an agreement was reached with the Khuzestan Steel team; Finally, in a controversial incident, he lost to another big team in the capital, Esteghlal. Mansha joined the team as a free agent in the second half of the 18th league with the opinion of Esteghlal’s head coach Winfred Schaefer to continue his declining trend. At the end of the 18th league, he was separated from the capital’s blue team with a very poor record, ie one goal in 19 games.

New Castle built a homogeneous team, the origin was reborn

It seemed that this African player had reached the end of his career in Iranian football, but once again, after a half-season gap to the UAE, he joined the Golgohar Sirjan team in the second half of the 19th season to be under Majid Jalali again. The first coach to appear in the league with him and record his best performance, to continue playing football. Golgohar team was fighting for survival in the Premier League in the 19th season, and finally Majid Jalali managed to keep this team, but the presence of Mansha was not so visible in this half of the season.

New Castle built a one-handed team, the origin was reborn

Sirjan Golgohar team started the twentieth league with bigger goals by leaving the 19th league behind and keeping itself in the Premier League. The selection of Amir Ghaleh Noei, the most honorable football coach of our country, as the first person of the technical staff of this team, reflects the thoughts that are going through the heads of the officials of Sirjani Club. As Ghaleh Noei is not interested in losing his credibility as a professional and experienced coach in our country’s football, he does not choose a team that is not sure about the club conditions of its officials and can not meet his demands. This Sirjani team, which is one of the most expensive teams in the league, has succeeded in building a uniform team by attracting players who were present in the big teams of our country, but were not given much attention in those teams. After a pre-season period with a regular schedule and the thoughts of the head coach, all the players of Golgohar have managed to show a very good performance in the league games, among which we can name Behnam Barzai, Milad Zakipour and Alireza Haghighi pointed out. Godwin Mansha has also done a good job in this team in scoring opportunities inside the opponent’s penalty area, and now it can be said that he has been born again in Iranian football. Mansha had never been able to score in this way in consecutive games. Now, with this performance, we can name him as one of the candidates for the title of Mr. Goli in the 20th league.

New Castle built a homogeneous team, the origin was reborn

Foreigners of the Premier Football League do not care about the title of Mr. Goli

The remarkable thing about Mr. Golhaei in the Premier Football League is that this title has reached the foreign players in the league in the last two seasons. In the 19th league, Sheikh Diabate, the striker from Mali, Esteghlal football team won the title of the top scorer with 15 goals, and in the 19th league, Luciano Pereira from Foolad Khuzestan and Kourosh Stanley from Sepahan Isfahan won the title of Mr. Goal with 16 goals. اند. Previously, foreign players such as Luciano Edinho (Traktor Tabriz), Emad Reza (Sepahan Isfahan) and Erfan Olrum (Abu Muslim Khorasan) have succeeded in becoming Mr. Gol in the Iranian league. The best performance among these players has been the Brazilian Edinho, who has scored 20 goals in one season, and it remains to be seen whether Godwin Mansha, following his stormy start, can add a new foreigner to the list of the best non-Iranian scorers in the Premier League.