Afghan worker, perpetrator of family massacre in Tuyserkan

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Shargh, the criminal case was filed on Tuesday afternoon last week. A man reported to the Tuyserkan police that his uncle’s family was missing and that there were traces of blood on their farm in the village of Moradabad. When officers went to the scene and began investigating, they first found the body of a 30-year-old girl within 100 meters of the farm, and it was determined that a person or persons had struck her on the head with a hard object and killed her. Police continued to search for other family members, and the next day the body of the father was found nearby. Officers later found the bodies of the mother and a son of the family in a 70-meter well, but no trace of the body of another son of the family was found, and according to Bahadori, the Tuyserkan County Revolutionary Prosecutor, the search is still ongoing. Preliminary investigations revealed that the father of the family had owned a ranch for many years and that the teacher was also retired. Detectives, convinced that the crime was committed by an acquaintance, investigated the family and found out that an Afghan worker was working for them. The worker had been missing since the crime and was most likely the perpetrator of the killings. Thus, extensive searches were launched to find the accused until he was caught in Tehran yesterday. However, the accused was also involved in this crime and has not been arrested yet. The Tuyserkan prosecutor said that from the first day, the investigation and judicial follow-up was carried out quickly. “After the investigation, it was found that two Afghan nationals committed murder of the family members, one of whom was arrested yesterday in Tehran and the next steps to arrest the other killer.” continues. One of the sons of the victims’ family, who is the only survivor of the family and lives in Shiraz, told Rokna about the killer: “The worker who was arrested for killing my family has been our worker for several years. My mother loved him very much. Many times, when we had guests, the Afghan national worker would give the food first. “My parents often cared more about workers than family members.” “I do not know what motivated him to kill my family,” he said. “I am waiting for further interrogations to clarify the matter.” According to the report, the investigation into this horrific crime is ongoing and forensic medicine is examining the bodies to determine the exact manner of their death.