Ahmadinejad attacks Rouhani government

He added: “This year, our spring has a different color and smell, it coincides with the great birthday of the only savior and remnant of the generation of the righteous and the heavenly, Imam Asr (as), which has doubled our hope and happiness.” Congratulations to everyone on the existence of this spring in the spring.

Ahmadinejad claimed: “Last year was full of various events, heavy economic, political, psychological and security pressures made the palate of many people bitter, especially the dear nation of Iran, but from all suffering and bitterness, a lesson must be learned for the future.” Let’s learn.

According to him, on the other hand, the nations and the nation of Iran achieved a great achievement, promoting unprecedented public awareness and reaching a consensus on the causes and factors of the current situation, as well as ways to improve this situation, I think this is a historic achievement The source of great changes will be for the benefit of the nations and the nation of Iran.

“Every year it is customary for managers to evaluate their performance and naturally give themselves the highest score, but the real assessment is in front of the people, that every fair-minded person wakes up with a brief walk down the street,” he said. He can easily get people’s opinions and evaluations. Today, human society is rapidly coming to a single belief that the only solution to problems and the realization of aspirations is the path of divine and human values, the path of monotheism, freedom, justice, brotherhood, cooperation and public participation.

Ahmadinejad, noting that everyone is coming to the realization that faith in man and humanity and respect for him and common natural values ​​is the only solution, added: “Everyone is coming to believe that the only way to save and manifest the world man and establish the world A human being in the long shadow is the perfect human being of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Farjah Al-Sharif.