Akhbari: I am sorry that we did not defeat Sepahan / Our game was held in unequal conditions

Akhbari: I am sorry that we did not defeat Sepahan / Our game was held in unequal conditions

The coach of Tabriz Machine-Building Team expressed his satisfaction with his team’s performance in a press conference after the game against Sepahan.

According to ILNA, Mohammad Saeed Akhbari said in a press conference after the match against Sepahan: “Today we played with the great team of Sepahan, a team whose history is known to all and has great stars and a good technical staff, headed by a coach with a personality and gentleman like Muharram Navidkia is the myth of Sepahan.

He continued: “We started the game well and tried to create a situation by rotating the ball.” We were successful before receiving the first goal, but we did not use our opportunity. Sepahan is an experienced team that should not be neglected. We missed the game but returned to the game because the kids have reached the necessary self-confidence.

The machine-building coach continued about his team’s performance: “We had unequal conditions this week. Sepahan team played on Tuesday last week and we played on Friday. We were once told that we had to play Sepahan on Tuesday. In this tight competition and everyone suffers from injury and suspension challenges, it is very difficult to prepare yourself psychologically and technically in front of star teams with a short time interval.

Referring to the result of the game, Akhbari said: “It was very difficult to get three goals against the flow of the game.” We knew that our players had the zeal and honor to return to the game and I am very sad that we could not win the game. With this game that we played in the second half, it was a pity that we did not win. I told them we had to get back in the game. I expected more pressure and scored the fourth goal. I do not know how to apologize to the fans of car manufacturing because I promised them that we would win. But our children tried and sacrificed a lot. They were able to finish this heavy game well with two days of training.