Al-Duhail, Al-Rayan and Al-Wakrah Club are looking for the former Persepolis midfielder

Bashar Rasan Iraqi midfielder after leaving the team Persepolis Iran has not yet determined its destination.

Although it is said that Bashar Rasan will be added to the Qatari team soon, there are reports that other Qatari clubs have offered him to the midfielder; Especially with the approach of winter transfers, Qatari teams are on the verge of many changes.

According to Omar Qahtan, an Iraqi correspondent for Qatar’s Alkas network, there are three clubs الدحیل ، الریان And al-Wakrah also wanted to attract Bashar.

In this regard, Omar announced: “Yes, efforts by Al-Duhail, Al-Rayan and Al-Wakrah clubs to kidnap Bashar Rasan, a player of our national team, after terminating his contract with the team. Persepolis There is but it is too late and I do not think it will work. That is why I insist that Bashar agree with the Qatari team. “The news will be officially announced in the coming days.”