“Ali Sabouri” insulting behavior made headlines!

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Afkarnews, Yesterday, the insulting story of “Ali Sabouri”, the winner of the second series of stand-up comedy of “Khandvaneh” program, was noticed by his audience on Instagram very soon and caused reactions.

In part of this story, he wrote to his followers: “Unworthy people, I understand, I wish many of you were like the few ignorant people who support …” This is while Saburi himself had said before: “I have given TV a 10-year professional commitment that all my work will be done for the next 10 years with the permission of the organization’s managers.”

Now many users have written whether this contract is still valid or was it just a publicity stunt? And are the directors of Sada-e Azadi aware of these insults of Ali Sabouri on Instagram? However, this story has made many consider this behavior of Ali Sabouri similar to the behavior of Tataloo who insults his audience.