Alibaba Company shares fall 8% for the second consecutive meeting – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter سی‌ان‌بی‌سیChina’s online retail giant Alibaba fell 8 percent for the second day in a row as the Chinese government’s pressure on the group increased with a ban on monopolies.

Shares of the Asian stock market plummeted yesterday after the Chinese government formally asked Alibaba to reform its business.

The pressure to fall on Alibaba shares was such that the shares of large technology companies چیتی Other, like تنسنت، Michuan, Pulled down Tasnim as well. The shares of these companies are between 6.88%. They lost up to 4.2 percent of their value.

The Chinese government last month launched an initial public offering of Group shares انت (Owned by Alibaba) which was valued at more than $ 37 billion due to a change in regulations.

A government statement said the group انت It does not have a proper management mechanism and does not fully comply with regulations.