Alinejad: Karate is one of the main chances to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics

The Deputy Minister of Championship Sports of the Ministry of Sports said: “Iranian karate is one of the main chances to win a medal in the Tokyo Olympics due to its high potential.”

According to ISNA, Mehdi Ali Nejad, on the sidelines of a visit to the national karate team training, told reporters: “I am very happy to be among the proud karatekas of Iran.” Karate has so far determined two Olympic quotas in the men’s section and one quota in the women’s section. Of course, there are other chances to increase the Olympic quotas, which we hope will reach this goal.

He added: “Considering the potential of karate, this field will be one of the chances to win a medal for Iranian sports in the Tokyo Olympics, and we have opened a special account on karate.”

The Deputy Minister of Championship Sports of the Ministry of Sports pointed out: “If good preparations are made for the national karate teams, they can definitely win colorful medals in the Olympics and still make people happy with pride by winning world events.” I hope we will see the success of the Iranian representatives in the first period of karate participation in the Olympics.

Ali Nejad said about the elimination of karate from the 2024 Olympics: “This decision was made last year.” Karate is one of the disciplines invited to Tokyo and it was done by the host. By observing the indicators considered by the International Olympic Committee by the World Karate Federation, there was a chance to see the presence of karate in the Paris Olympics. France is one of the world’s karate powers and many predicted that we would see karate again at the Paris Olympics, but in the end it did not happen.

Regarding the discussion of the martial arts league and its possible dangers, considering the prevalence of corona, he said: “You saw that the wrestling league was done well and there was no particular problem.” There is no ban on holding combat leagues in accordance with health protocols. Corona is our guest now and we should not stop our activities. Children need to stay on the course of competitions, and given the elimination of international competitions, holding league competitions will be a good alternative for this purpose.

He did not answer questions about other disciplines and said he only talks about karate.

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