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The result of the art of mirror work is the creation of a bright and glittering atmosphere that arises from the successive reflection of light in countless pieces of mirrors. In the shrine of Imam Reza PBUH, various methods of mirror work have been used. The bedding on the mirror that accompanies the painting is called the image mirror; The use of plaster and mirrors in the decoration of the porches of Dar al-Rahma and Dar al-Hedayeh can be seen by using the knot design. Mirror work is one of the Iranian arts and architectural decorations that dates back to the Safavid period. Meanwhile, due to the presence of the shrine of Imam Reza (AS), the city of Mashhad becomes one of the centers for the growth and flourishing of the art of mirror work in Iran. In the shrine of Imam Reza (AS), several places are decorated with mirrors. One of those places is the Dar al-Siyadeh porch, which is decorated with very beautiful and various mirror decorations. This porch is decorated with knotted, Islamic and Khatai designs and tarnjbandi, calligraphy and inscriptions using mirrors. You feel that you are invited to light and brightness and light that invites you to the rendezvous of lovers like the breeze of dawn. Mirror work in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (as) has a large part of the decorations and facades of the porches. Mirror work in the newly established porches of the holy shrine has shown unique effects of Iranian Islamic art to the extent that mirror work can be considered the artistic axis of these porches.

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